A New Day Rises

Posted by: Bridget Stewart on September 24th

For the past few years, I've been on the startup circuit in Cleveland. These experiences have improved me in a variety of ways. Some legitimized my claim that I'm a Front End Developer, dernit! Some advanced my area of expertise, pushing me to learn and grow along the way. In each of these startups, I've had the great privilege of working with Northeast Ohio's talented designers, developers, and managers of varied focus. Having been able to work alongside these people is what I will treasure the most.

Because these jobs have helped me grow in my chosen profession, I feel it's time to travel the path of freelancing for awhile. Today, I begin this adventure. But, just because I'll be working for myself, that doesn't mean I'll be working by myself. I finally have the opportunity to work on some projects with the fine folks at Sprokets. I've longed to work with them for quite some time. It's nice that the stars are finally aligned so that I can do it instead of just wishing for it.

gift wrap with illustrated sharks and cupcakes

Gift wrap

While freelancing, I'll be doing so under the nonsensical identity of “Sharks & Cupcakes.” The name came about when a friend wrapped a gift for me in the best wrapping paper ever! He didn't realize it when he chose it, but that wrapper combined my two favorite things in one: strong, wriggling mouths of sharp, serrated teeth and delightfully fluffy sugar sponges sometimes topped with creamy mounds of more sugar. What's not to love?

The brief story behind my shark affinity: It's becoming a habit for my husband and I to make a yearly pilgrimage fishing for sharks. They put up quite a fight and the challenge makes it quite fun. Plus, what self-respecting nerd doesn't love “Shark Week”?

As for cupcakes, I have always loved a good cupcake. My first favorite was the Black Bottom variety that my mom used to make. Once I watched an episode of Cupcake Wars where the owner of Cakeology in Boston won a challenge going out on a limb making a cupcake with wasabi(!) in it. That episode made it clear to me that I must scour the earth looking for unusual but tasty cupcakes.

I've shared that bit with you to justify the wacky name, but consider how difficult it is to find a business and domain name that isn't already in use. All that's left are words missing some vowels in order to squeak by, or oddly matched sets of nouns and verbs. I chose the latter.

Thankfully, the friend who found the wrapping paper also designed the site that now represents the goofy moniker for my Front End Development efforts. A metric ton of cheese is speeding toward Mentor, OH in order to thank Brad Colbow for his time and talent.

In conclusion, if you need a Front End Developer:

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